Movie Theatre - PlayhousesHave a few seats here and there that you can’t get that nacho cheese sauce off of? Did some kids come to see a movie and they just didn’t know what to do with that pocket knife Grandpa got them for Christmas? Or, maybe the fabric on your chairs have just seen better days. We can make replacement seat covers and ship them to you. Your maintenance people can just slip them on.

We buy the fabric from mills, so in most cases, we can match your existing fabric. Prices start at $7.50 each, for most chairs, seat bottoms only. That includes Marquesa Lana Fabric, the cutting and sewing (minimum order of 100).

Or, you can get a seat cover and a back cover for most chairs, For only $12.95 (minimum order of 50 chairs each).

No matter who manufactured your chairs, we’ve got them covered!

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