Before and AfterComfort, that’s our bottom line. If your customer can’t sit comfortably to enjoy some popcorn and a soda, then they probably won’t come back. They will drive five minutes out of their way to sit where seat springs won’t poke them in the butt and the thought of sticky seats won’t gross them out. Don’t you think your customers would be more comfortable sitting on a new 3″ foam pad and a beautiful bright new seat cover? You don’t need brand new seats, reupholster the ones you have!

Mr. McMahan does all the cutting of the fabric to assure quality control. So, your seats are going to look better than new! During the summer of 2010, we reupholstered seats in a well-known Oregon basketball stadium. We not only met deadline, but completed the project with time to spare. You can also choose from our used seat inventory and have them refurbished to match your decor. Whether it be for a theatre, home or movie set, we’ll help you create the chair you’re looking for!

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